Thursday, 22 February 2018

Coming 2018-- A New Book!

Waterloo You Never Knew: Life on the Margins

Peek behind the curtain as Joanna Rickert-Hall unearths the controversial stories that communities own but don’t often share—especially with others. These are the stories of the marginalized, the famous, the infamous, the weird and the wonderful—real people who, by choice or by design, lived on the margins of mainstream existence in a “typical” small Canadian community.  Meet the ex-slaves, the cholera victims, the grave digging doctor, the séance loving politician, the rumrunner, and the sorcery practicing healer.

Life as we thought we knew it just got a bit weird.  What’s weirder, still….? 
OUR history is YOUR history.
Come inside. This is Waterloo You Never Knew, revealed.

Dundurn Press: Toronto, ON
Coming November 2018