Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Checking In From A Long Winter's Nap

Hi All!

Well, first of all thank you to everyone who texted and emailed me off-site throughout the past couple of months...I have been very busy and am proud to announce several important things:

1. My research paper/biography of the 1820 log schoolhouse is finally finished, turned in and awaiting printing and distribution. As I understand it, this will happen in the next couple of weeks and the copies will go out to the local research libraries and some of the community/regional museums e.g. Waterloo Public Library, Kitchener Public Library, etc.

2. I am developing and will be teaching two courses on the history of Waterloo Region this coming September 2013. They will be available for registration through the Fall 2013 Course Calendar of Conestoga College which comes out some time after June/July. Currently, they are slated to be evening courses to start with and are available as credit courses although they are also open for the general public. More information on these will be forthcoming.

3. Thank you to those who have either invited me to speak or have attended one of my recent talks. Your support and interest in local heritage fuels my research muse and for this I am in your debt. (Note to Marika: Sorry you couldn't get in to the Doon talk. Yes I will try to remember to post when and where these talks will be taking place in the future--By the way, the February 4th one has been temporarily cancelled as they lost their venue and need to look for another one. When I have more information, I will post it).