Friday, 4 May 2012

At Least The Teacher Had A Desk

An original (not sure if it is THE original—depending upon different sources) teacher’s desk. As you can see, the chinking is still visible in between the original logs although concrete formula has been applied as a preventative measure in many places.

Benjamin Burkholder,  who was a teacher here from 1831-1842, remembered at a class reunion in September 1895 that the students learned only the basics in the early days: “Reading, Writing and Sums”.  He  also recalled that the students’ language of instruction was German, not English. 

From 1820-1842 the school served the Pennsylvania German settlement of Waterloo. By 1842, the house was deemed too small to accommodate the growing number of children/students so it was sold and moved to another site in Berlin, ON (present day Kitchener).

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